About OCO

In the heart of the bustling metropolis, where cultures converged and dreams found their canvas, a mesmerizing tale began to weave itself. It was a story of love, passion, and creative brilliance that gave birth to a brand that would forever illuminate the world of fashion. This is the enchanting narrative of "Om Chandra Om."

In a whirlwind of serendipity, two souls from diverse corners of the world found each other. Maggie Chan, a fashion designer based in Singapore, and B. Dumra, her charismatic Indian partner, kindled a love that transcended borders and barriers. United by fate and bound by their shared dreams, they embarked on a journey together, as life partners and creative collaborators.

Their bond was more than just love; it was the fusion of cultures, a harmonious blend of Chan's contemporary flair and Dumra's rich heritage. And so, like the celestial bodies that dance in the night sky, they became "Chandra" – the moon – a symbol of radiant elegance and unity.

Chan, with her innate eye for beauty, nurtured an ambitious dream. She envisioned a collection that would redefine ethnic wear, allowing modern women to effortlessly embrace their roots while exuding an air of contemporary sophistication. She wanted to craft garments that would seamlessly transition from celebratory occasions to everyday moments, serving as resplendent statements of style.

The culmination of their love story and creative fervor manifested in the form of "Om Chandra Om Moonlight Collection." Like a luminous moonbeam, the collection shimmered with its enchanting details, fine fabrics, and impeccable craftsmanship. Each piece was meticulously designed to embody the essence of tradition intertwined with modernity, a reflection of Chandra's belief that fashion was an art form capable of telling stories beyond words.

"Om Chandra Om" became more than a brand – it was a symbol of cross-cultural passion, a beacon of creativity, and a celebration of love's ability to transcend boundaries. Chan and Dumra's love story, embodied in every piece, illuminated the world with a radiance that only the moon could rival, reminding us all that beauty lies in the harmony of differences, just like the dance of moonbeams and shadows on a moonlit night.